THE BUTTERFLY HOUSE, located on a quiet residential street in Pacific Grove, CA, was once a simple, nondescript, dwelling for a man and his beloved wife.

J, as the man prefers to be called, and his bride, Sonja, lived quietly - engaged in their respective occupations, taking care of daily duties, spending time with a small circle of friends ... living much like you and I live today.

One day, in the early 1990's, everything changed. Sonja was losing her eyesight - rapidly. The doctor's prognosis was eventual blindness. Facing the inevitable was a daunting challenge for the normally "cheery" couple.

In China, the word "crisis" is made of two characters: danger and opportunity. It was at this decisive point that J and Sonja stood so many years ago. How they faced and dealt with this crisis has inspired worldwide visitors, a multitude of wide-eyed children, local citizens and the media.

>>> Meet J and Sonja.

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